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Where to eat in Medellin

The “paisa” gastronomy is diverse, generous and full of good surprises and is famous all around South America.

In Medellin, food is everywhere: on the corner of the street, in every bar and in every neighbourhood.

La Migueria

You will find in any respectable “Panaderia” amazing “Empenadas, Almojabanas or Palito de queso for very cheap. Try Migueria on calle 16 and be patient, there is always little bit of queue but you will not regret it!

La Guayaba

In San Pablo neighbourhood, where we offer seven appartments to rent, the best deal is to try Guayaba. People are great and food is very good and good budget.

Alambique Restaurant

Our second favourite, if you're looking to spend more, is the Alambique Restaurant, on calle 10, in the heart of Poblado. As a gastronomy lab, this restaurant is revisiting the traditional “paisa” food with an explosion of flavours. The mood here is very nice and friendly and the menu changes every two weeks. On the first floor, there is a little art gallery, the perfect place for a first night out in Medellin.

Eat healthy

To eat healthy and diverse, you should stop in one of the littles restaurants on the road to Arvi parc. On the top of the warm welcome of the Colombians, you will taste delicious traditional food for very good price.

Bandeja Paisa

The traditional dish in Medellin region is called the Bandeja Paisa. You have to be hungry to appreciate it; sausage, black pudding, chicharron (fried porc belly), red beans, eggs, rice, avocado… A must to try!

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