Discover Medellin

Where to stay in Medellin

If you visit Medellin for a couple of days, you might not be able to see everything in this big city. So here are a few areas to checkout.

San Pablo

Residential and family friendly, San Pablo area is a typical Colombian neighbourhood where the headquarters of Voy Colombia are based.

If you stay here, you will experience the true Colombian way of life, with kindness and sharing.

Everybody knows each others and gathers from time to time to celebrate sports results or a religious event.

If you stay in one of our apartments to rent in San Pablo, go out! Go and meet people, explore, exchange… And we bet you will definitely come back!


This is the most touristic, more expensive, most visited area of Medellin, but also the less Colombian.

Voy Colombia offers apartments to rent in Poblado, in the heart of “Zona Rosa”.

You will find there plenty of bars, nightclubs and fancy restaurants. Ideal if you want to experience the nightlife!


Laurelas is a more expensive neighbourhood located in the north of Medellin. This area is also in demanded by tourists, as it is calm, residential and has plenty of nice restaurants. Ideal for lunch!

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